Photography is an instant, a moment when intention, chance,  and spirit come together. As much thought as you put into a photograph – framing the scene, wrangling the light, choosing your settings – there is a piece that is out of your control. The scene may change or the subject may move. It’s  up to you to click the shutter when you see fit. But what I love most is that somehow, through all the randomness, your spirit will find a way to imprint itself. You have no say in what that  looks like. It’s you.  It’s deep down.

I love that a photo can stir the emotions or set thoughts  reeling. Show someone a photograph of a foreign culture, and it hits home more  than a verbal explanation. I’ve fallen in love with this power to communicate through  a visual medium. For me, it has opened doors. Take me some place new, show me someone beautiful, or give me a fun project. My 5D and I would love to tell the story.

Numie Abbot is the pen name of writer and photographer Naomi Huober. I currently blog for Free People's BLDG 25 BlogEveryday Minerals, and Philadelphia's Urban Farm, Greensgrow. I also pursue freelance projects, and have worked with outlets such as Suitcase Magazine. Browse my portfolio and personal blog. If you see a spark in my work you like, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm open to considering any and all opportunities.

photo by Brigette Muller

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